Biodiversity Informatics

For data-driven invasive species management

We’re in the midst of a biodiversity data revolution. Data describing the “what” and “where” of life of our planet are rapidly being generated while methods to handle huge data sets are becoming easier to use. In the past decade, hundreds of herbaria have digitized and centralized whole collections, allowing access to decades of biodiversity information for the very first time. I wrangle non-native plant data into a system where we can track invasive species over time and build platforms that managers can query to help make decisions.

Most recently, I’ve been characterizing the lag times that arise during biodiversity data processing and modeling their impact on how we interpret invasion trends over time. 



Brock KC, Daehler CC (2020) Applying an invasion and risk framework to track non-native island floras: a case study of challenges and solutions in Hawai‘i. NeoBiota 62: 55–79.

Brock KC, Daehler CC, Imada CT, Kennedy BH, Flynn TW (2020) Recommendations for reporting records of nonnative plant species in the Hawaiian Islands. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 128: 109–124. 

Learn about the Hawaii Alien Plant Informatics Project

An up-and-coming collaborative project hosted at the Bishop Museum.


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