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About Me

I have recently taken up post as an Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming in the Plant Sciences Department as of March 2022.

At my core, I am a botanist, albeit kind of an atypical one. Like most botanists, I admire plant diversity and hang out in herbaria more than the average person, but I have found a niche by applying my appreciation of diversity to the study of invasive species –the plants we don’t want around! As a researcher and extension specialist, I use biodiversity informatics tools to overcome the complicated, ungeneralizable nature of biological invasions by combining numerous data types to describe spatial and temporal trends. My goal is to help managers and policy makers make tough and often data-deficient decisions about invasive species. Check out some of my on-going projects below: 

email me: kbrock5 -at- uwyo -dot- edu

HAPI Project




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