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About Me

I am a PhD candidate working with Curt Daehler at the University of Hawaii–Manoa as well as a Research Specialist at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. I study how human activities affect plant biodiversity, especially the introduction of non-native species.

At my core, I am a botanist, albeit kind of an atypical one. Like most botanists, I admire plant diversity and hang out in herbaria more than the average person, but I have found a niche by applying my appreciation of diversity to the study of invasive species –the plants we don’t want around! As a researcher, I use biodiversity informatics tools to overcome the complicated, ungeneralizable nature of biological invasions by combining numerous data types to describe spatial and temporal trends. I am especially interested in analyzing entire floras and helping invasive species managers and policy makers make tough and often data-deficient decisions. Check out some of my on-going projects below: 

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